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Letter 1:   

 It was very nice chatting with you during my order of the 3rd “Superfalls” pump. I bought my first in Colorado around 1993. It was a very great pump and cost a considerable amount less to operate over the sump pump I was using. I purchased my second, a 7000 GPH pump in around 2001. It was the perfect pump for my application- a koi pond with 4 foot waterfall. Wonderful background noise when entertaining guests in the backyard. I hope the 11000 GPH pump I ordered today, lasts as long as the first two. I believe that the first two would have lasted longer if I would have added the leaf trap, which I ordered today as well. Thanks for your help in picking out my next great pump.

Steve True
Sacramento, California


Letter 2:

Hey guys

I wanted to thank you for returning my call about my Super Falls pump. That thing has been kicking along for a lot of years, without trouble, and I have always been able to count on it to take care of my fishy kids. I finally had a close lightning strike that killed it (iron ore deposit under my neighborhood) that the GFCI receptacle wouldn't catch. I wish all my investments had been that good. I could retire tomorrow...and that ain't happening!

I have ordered a new motor for it, and Dave was really helpful toward that end. Thanks for the friendly service, and for selling a great product. Both are rare these days, and much appreciated. Take care, and again, thanks for all your help. 

William Stone
Cornelius NC

Letter 3:    

Dear Dave:

We purchased two of your pumps (Super Falls 11000 series koi pond pump) in December 2011. A friend of ours got two pumps, an Aquadyne bead filter and UV light from someone else who dismantled their koi pond due to personal reasons. We were skeptical about buying used equipment, but it was a good price and our current system and pump was expensive to operate and was not doing the job. WELL. WE ARE SO HAPPY WE MADE THAT PURCHASE AND ARE SO PLEASED WITH OUR SYSTEM NOW. This pump is great!! It is super easy to prime and our light bill was the lowest ever the last two months. It is so quiet and our pond is clear as can be and our fish appear to be so happy now. 

We are just establishing our pond after rebuilding it the summer of 2011. It is around 7500 gallons and we have about 20 various sized koi. Our pond is about 12' by 14' and 4.5 ' deep. We did not install a bottom drain when building it. We purchased a rhino drain to install above the liner and have a 2" pvc line running out the pond, through a leaf basket. ( I have enclosed pictures) The pump is located about 1' to 1.5' above the water and then we run 2" pvc about 18' before it enters the uv, filter and then we run it into a bog pond, which over flows into our waterfall. Not the ideal distance, but this pump is doing the job. 

Again, let me say how impressed we are with this pump. We have plenty of water flow for our waterfall. If we ever have to purchase another pump, it will definitely be a SUPER FALLS Energy efficient pump. The only thing we have had to purchase was an impellor for one of the pumps.

Sincerely, Teresa Parrott

P.O. Box 454
Andrews, SC

Letter 4: 




As I closed down my pumps for the winter ( I have four) I noted that one pump and motor dates back to about 1995 and is still working great.  This is a 1/10 HP motor with about a KJ3000 wet end.  If anyone ever asks about the durability of these motors and wet ends, this should be a statement that they are built to last.  The other, newer 1/4HP motors have been running for three to five years, 24/7 from March to mid November and are going strong. There are always some annual mechanical costs of running a pond, but from my experience, replacing a Superfalls motor and pump will most likely be a once in a decade expense. Great product!


Jon Bren

Walla Walla, Wa.


Letter 5: 

(soon, as there are more than 5000 Superfalls pumps out there!)


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