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HOW TO APPRECIATE KOI Courtesy of: NISHIKIGOI of Japan Home Page

"NISHIKIGOI starts with KOHAKU and ends with KOHAKU" If you ask us to pick up the typical one of NISHIKIGOI, of course, it is nothing but "KOHAKU"(white & red type). KOHAKU is the oldest kind. As there is the old saying "NISHIKIGOI starts with KOHAKU and ends with KOHAKU", we say If you could judge KOHAKU you would judge all, other kind is only variation of KOHAKU. The standerd for judgeing koi used to be 50 for the figure, 30 for the color, 20 for the pattern. Recentry quality, elegance and atmosphere are added to them. So when you watch NISHIKIGOI,basicaly you should check the figure first and color,which is base skin color ,then pattern.

The most important point is the figure including the style of swimming. Even if a koi has beautiful colors and patterns, it cannot win, if its figure is bad. Both sides should be symmetrical, but not strictly so. As mem's faces are not perfectly symmetrical, koi's bodies are not,either. The female abdomen with eggs is naturally swollen, so it should not be regarded as an abnormal figure. There is two kinds of the abnormal figure; a lack and a deficiency. a koi without an eye or a fin is truly abnormal and should be excepted from judging. However, a koi with a swollen part of the abdomen or a caved part of the head can be included in judging. Some important points about the figure are as follows.

1.Straight line of the backbone and proper curves

It is important that the koi's line of the backbone is straight, seen from above. The top and the bottom lines should draw proper curves seen from the side. The top line must not curve sharply and the bottom line must not be straight. The koi which twists itself when swimming is not worthy of being appreciated.
2.Beautiful fins Beautiful and slightly large fins compared to the size of the body make a koi look beautiful. Pectoral fins are the most important of all. They are apt to be deformed either congenitally or by diseases or wounds. Some OGONs have dwarfed pectoral fins which are definitely their weak points. Some caudal and dausal fins are also deformed. Especially dausal fins of which center are caved are often found. Some pelvic fins or anal fins are deformed,too.
3.An well-shaped head Some faces of koi are good-looking and some are not, just like ours. one koi has a nose which leans forward and another has a turned-up nose. Depending on the degree, they may be weak points. The most conspicuous deformation is that of the jaw. Most of the deformation are after-effects of gill rot which attacks fry of koi. The deformed jaws are big. Thier heads are large and square. Gill rot effects deformation of the mouth and the gill. Eyes, mouths, jaws are better to be well-shaped.
4.Well-balanced height,length and breadth The ratio of height to length of a koi can tell in general whether its figure is good or not. The bigger the number of length to height 1 is, the better the figure is. Most well-balanced koi have the ratio of 1 to 2.6 to 1 to 3.0.

When you watch KOHAKU, always watching white base color is important. Not only white but also the white color is better to be with TERI(glossy), moreover softy feeling like snow. Then red color,we call "HIIRO", There are three type of HIIRO, which are pink type,orange type and violet type. The orange type is the best one and also better to be dark,deep and thick. Also uniformity of HIIRO is important. Even HIIRO is very dark and deep but if it is uneven or misted, will be not good one.

All the "markings on the body of a koi should be well-balanced. A white part either on the mouth and on the tail region is necessary. U-shaped head HIIRO used to be ideal, but recentry more unique shapes are preferred. Two points for judging the pattern are on the head and shoulders and on the tail region. The former is more important. A HIIRO patch should spread widely on the head. A white cut on the neck is desirable for a KOHAKU and a SUMI marking for a SANKE. On the tail region a white part is needed. A heavy looking pattern is not suitable on it. Many SUMI markings of the tail region or a plain red tail region(red trousers)is disliked.

Look for your KOI type and its ancients!

Blue line means"rarely born"or"mutation".

Date: Tue, 09 Jan 1996 05:18:44 GMT Newsgroups: rec.ponds

From: mbuna@msn.fullfeed.com (Sean) Subject: Breeding page for my web site.

Hi everyone. For those of you who have stopped by my web site...


I am going to add a page dedicated to "amatuer" breeders. I want to list people who breed fish on a non-commercial basis (IE it's not their only job). Info will include name, address, city, state, zip, phone, email address, and a short statement of what they breed. Anyone interested in this should send me an email at mbuna@msn.fullfeed.com and include the info stated above. Thanks, Sean.


* MBUNA aka Sean O'Brien, Madison WI, USA * Shop at: Hooked on Fish, Rockford IL * Aquarius Pets, Madison WI * Check out my new fish page: * http://www.msn.fullfeed.com/~mbuna/fish.htm



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