9,000 gallons, Concrete, 22' X 42', 2 KJ4000LH pumps for a total of 115 gpm:E MAIL TO

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[KOI POND WINTER SCENE]A single pond of 9,000 gallons with two upflow, under gravel filters. Each filter measures 5 ft wide x 8 ft long and 3 ft high. These large filters are concrete and manufactured by KOI JOY for local use (they weigh in at 5 tons each). This pond system uses two KJ4000LH pumps with a third to go in soon. The construction of the pond was free form kidney shaped, 4 ft deep, 22 ft wide by 42 ft long. Two 4" bottom drains assure plenty of flow into a large skimmer basket in a pit, which supplies the two centrifugal pumps. A large surface skimmer keeps leaves and floating material off the ponds surface.

We landscaped around the pond with bamboo, pine trees, ferns and boulders. One large deck reaches out over the pond to provide shade if needed for the 75 large koi. The deck is supported over the water by four posts which rest on the bottom of the pond. The deck also serves as a natural gathering place for any visitors. We spend our evenings here feeding the fish and enjoying our own small paradise.

A small deck nearby also hangs over the pond. This deck has trap doors built into it to conceal the skimmer, the pumps, and all valves, etc.

A unique feature of this home/pond system is the integration of a new water source heating system for the home with a highly efficient pond water makeup/de-icing system for the pond. The water source heat pumps use 62 degree farenheit well water for its heat source instead of local air. This means that year-round, a lot of heating for the home is available for free. Water source heat pumps can use as little as 1/5 or 20% of the energy to heat a home as electrical resistance heating. It also means that after the water leaves the heating system at a still warm 45-50 degrees, it is available as warm, clean water for makeup to the pond. This has resulted in free de-icing and winterization of the pond. We no longer have to use pond de-icers, heat tape, blankets and lamps to protect the pipes and filters from freezing. We are able to save more than $150/month with this system and because the pond's water is changed more frequently, we have healthier fish!

When activated shortly, this will take you to our new pond web ring. If you would like to be a part of a grand pond tour on the web, just send us an E Mail. If you don't have a web site and wish you did, we have people to host and make it up for you. DM