OUR FAVORITE WEBSITES" is a list of nearly all of the good websites that we are aware of at this time. Please try them out and send us your favorite three in each category. Our lists of favorite websites will be re-arranged periodically to reflect your input.  Only E MAIL with return addresses will be counted to preclude multiple voting. Please don't forget our own two websites. We would also appreciate any comments, 25 words or less about each website.

"WEB SOUP" is a sampling of those websites that we found to be most interesting. Please let the owners of the websites know that you appreciate their efforts.  THE WORLD WIDE PONDS & THE POND SHOP  would like to thank all contributors to "WEB SOUP". For contributions of your own, contact us at: pondshop@pondshop.com .

Q & A is a sampling of questions from our readers and newsgroups with responses from other pond enthusiasts. Responses are the opinion of one person and are shown to encourage information exchange.

WEB SOUP plus Q & A


* PETE'S POND - This has been one of my personal favorites and apparently your favorite also. Pete explains the developement of his pond and includes pictures, sources, and specifications. Check it out. 

* Paul's Koi Page
* Pondside
* The Half-Barrel Pond Page

* The Goldfish Pond

* Jack's Bonsai Farm

* This could be a link to your home page.


Nishikigoi Net of Japan: The NISHIKIGOI of Japan Home Page. This is a very unique NISHIKIGOI information site set up to spread the word about NISHIKIGOI and the hobby of KOI keeping.  See WEB SOUP excerpt.

* Fish Information Service (FINS)

* Aquaria and Fish

* Aquatic Plants

* Management and Stocking of New Farm Ponds

* Managing Sport Fish Populations in Farm Ponds


 * Beneath the Surf

* WORLD WIDE PONDS: This magazine: We hope you like it and will contribute material. Don't forget to shop at THE POND SHOP.

* rec.ponds: (A news group)

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* PAN INTERCORP.   This will be one of the better koi related information sites. Includes a koi encyclopedia/dictionary, koi care, etc.

* THE POND SHOP Our own catalog on the internet. We think that we've got just about everything that you could possibly need to build or improve your perfect pond. If you're looking at our magazine, you can go to our catalog with the link at the bottom of each magazine page.

* Clear Concepts: Basic equipment for fishermen, bait dealers, hatcheries, and pond hobbyists. They offer the Clear Catch net, a new transparent net and handle which can be found in THE POND SHOP' s catalog. A young company which is offering new products for the pond.

* This could be a link to your home page.


    International Waterlily Society Home Page
* The National Zoo's Waterlily Pond (USA)

* The National Zoo's Waterlily Pond (USA)

* Brooklyn Botanic Garden (with ponds)

* The Water Garden Club of BC (Canada)

* The Austin Pond Society

* The Aquatic Gardeners Association

* This could be a link to your home page.



World Wide Ponds/Your Pond:  Articles about ponds around the world. Readers submitted articles, suggestions, etc.

Accidents Waiting to Happen, and How to Avoid Them: If you're about to build a pond or already own one, be sure to check out these stories from other pond keepers. Avoiding any one of these oversights could save you from a disaster waiting to happen.

Best Pond Products, New & Old: We submit those products that we thought were worthy of space in our magazine. In some cases we link them to other home pages or sources. If you know of a wonder product that should be here, let us know.

Feedback, From You: This section will include comments, suggestions, and answers to questions, etc. Send in that E Mail!

Who, What, When, Where, etc: This is the place to look for dates and places for pond shows, koi meets, annual affairs, etc.

Cover Page:  About this issue, etc: 

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